Gaming Community Can Win Crypto with War Field

Good news for the online gaming community! For the first time ever, gamers can make real money just for playing a video game — real cryptocurrency, that is, with the GOLDER (GLDR) token. With War Field, the stakes are real and so are the rewards. What is WAR FIELD? WAR FIELD is the first online … Continue reading Gaming Community Can Win Crypto with War Field

Introduction of Intelligent System

The domain of Intelligent Systems (IS) has extended exceptionally across the years following the 1940s, both as far as the scope of strategies and furthermore as far as the number of applications wherein they have often provided a competitive edge when compared with others approaches. An intelligent system is an embedded, Internet-connected computer that has the capacity to collect and analyze data … Continue reading Introduction of Intelligent System

A Head-start for Game Development

Hola Amigos! Today I am going to share a few lines about Game Development and the Algorithms needed to code the games. Starting from Dungeon Dragons(1971) to the new RPG and action adventure games such as Far Cry and Assasins Creed, the concept of the protagonist navigation throughout the entire virtual world has been the … Continue reading A Head-start for Game Development