Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Investors across the globe have invested nearly $57 BILLION into cryptocurrencies Among the 100 cryptocurrencies that make up this total market capitalization, Bitcoin, the most popular of these alternative currencies, makes up roughly 50% of this entire volume (over $28 billion). Bitcoin’s market cap is so large that if it were a country, it would … Continue reading Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin

In today’s digital age, we live in two worlds: the physical world and the virtual world. The virtual world cannot exist without the physical world (power outages will attest to this). But we cannot exist in today’s physical world without the virtual world (digital technology has embedded itself into every aspect of life from personal to social to commercial, … Continue reading Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin

The Commodity/Cryptocurrency Evolution is Upon Us

2017 marks that year in which cryptocurrencies finally penetrated mainstream consciousness. A victory lap for the cypherpunk culture that pioneered its foundational technologies and underlying philosophy over twenty years ago? Sort of, but not quite. A schism took place in the perception of the technology itself, widening the gap between two of its primary attributes: … Continue reading The Commodity/Cryptocurrency Evolution is Upon Us

Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization

In our quest to escape from existing corrupt centralized systems, we may believe that it’s possible to achieve complete decentralization. However, recent academic research shows that this is unfeasible — at least sustainably. For example, Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism relies on many different nodes to “mine,” or verify and facilitate transactions. These miners are rewarded a portion … Continue reading Exploring the Impossibility of Decentralization

Beyond Bitcoin: How Developers are Helping Traditional Banks Modernize

Bitcoin and blockchain tend to grab headlines in the world of banking. Cryptocurrency is the poster child of “disruptive technology” in the traditionally slow-moving finance industry. But, there are other areas where developers and software engineers must update business-as-usual in banking in order to survive. According to one survey, 80% of bankers agreed that their institution “needs to complete … Continue reading Beyond Bitcoin: How Developers are Helping Traditional Banks Modernize

Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?

As Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to grow in adoption and popularity, a common topic for discussion is whether the U.S. government, or any government for that matter, can exert control of its use.  There are two core issues that lay the foundation of the Bitcoin regulation debate: The digital assets pose a macro-economic … Continue reading Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?

What is Ripple and How Does It Work?

Ever since cryptocurrency entered mainstream consciousness a few years ago, Bitcoin has dominated headlines, with Ethereum a close second. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap; but, unlike the first two cryptocurrencies, Ripple is a little more complicated – and has a lot more to offer the crypto market. Ripple is actually … Continue reading What is Ripple and How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrency: A New Investment Opportunity?

Run a quick Google search and you’ll find all kinds of conflicting opinions out there about cryptocurrency. “Gamblers and speculators are the best candidates for the cryptocurrency market,” writes US News and World Report. “These kinds of returns are impossible to acquire within the realm of traditional investments,” crows one pro-cryptocurrency site. Cryptocurrency, and the underlying blockchain … Continue reading Cryptocurrency: A New Investment Opportunity?


Creating a cryptocurrency is a good way to put a unique spin on how things are generally done. For example, Bitcoinis changing how money is transferred from one place to another, Ripple is focusing on banks and Stellar is aimed at the unbanked. Other platforms like Ethereum and EOS are providing different options to host applications. Cryptocurrencies tackle existing problems and are … Continue reading CRYPTO FAQ: HOW TO CREATE A CRYPTOCURRENCY


Cryptocurrency is easily one of the most fascinating technologies invented in the past 20 years. From the lightning speeds that transport money from sender to recipient in seconds, to the secure applications in many industries, we’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities. Since the creation of Bitcoin, industries have scurried to find ways in which … Continue reading THE BEST CRYPTOGAMES IN 2019