Introduction to Neo4j Database

Neo4j is a graph database developed by Neo4j, Inc. What is a graph database, you ask?A graph database is a database that stores data and its relationships in the structure of nodes and the edges connecting these nodes. Node:A node represents the objects in the graph. As shown in Fig.1, nodes are nothing but data … Continue reading Introduction to Neo4j Database

9 Compelling Referral Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), there are more than 2.4 billion brand-related conversations everyday in the United States. Sharing is an innate human trait, and people are always interested in talking about their favorite products/services. Leveraging word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. Referred customers are more … Continue reading 9 Compelling Referral Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?

When you need to send money to a friend, family member, or business contact, a wire transfer is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to do so. Here’s what goes into sending a wire transfer, as well as how long a wire transfer will take.  What is a wire transfer?  The term “wire … Continue reading How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?

Teen Drivers: Tips for Keeping Your Friends Safe While Having Fun

One of the best things about high school is learning how to drive. As a teen, this often feels like one of the first steps toward adulthood and being more independent. Learning to drive represents a new sense of freedom that comes from being able to provide transportation for oneself. For some, it's also an … Continue reading Teen Drivers: Tips for Keeping Your Friends Safe While Having Fun

How to Win at Referral Marketing: 9 Tips From the King of Referrals Himself

Eric Martin is the king of referrals. There's a reason why companies seek his participation or his expert advice on referral marketing. If Eric is involved with your referral program, you can bet that it'll be a success. If you're thinking of running a referral program for your business or if you're already running one, … Continue reading How to Win at Referral Marketing: 9 Tips From the King of Referrals Himself

5 Insider Tips for Tomorrow’s Female Homebuyers

A new joint report compiled by Compass and reveals that over the last year, women are increasingly leaning into homeownership. Just in time for International Women’s Day, here are five tips from Compass agents and’s Head of Sales, Sarah Pierce, to consider if you’re thinking of becoming a homeown(h)er. 1. Build the right … Continue reading 5 Insider Tips for Tomorrow’s Female Homebuyers

Python Daily Challenge

Hello, Today's post is about solving a new interesting problem using python. We'll be using Python 3 in this series of challenges. Problem Statement: Given a list of numbers and a number k, return whether any two numbers from the list add up to k. Bonus: Can you do this in one pass? Example 1: Input: List  … Continue reading Python Daily Challenge

Python Daily Practice Challenge

Hello all, today's topic for daily challenge is working with JSON in Python. JSON  stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a lightweight data-interchange format for storing and exchanging data.The JSON format is often used for serialising and transmitting structured data over a network connection. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server … Continue reading Python Daily Practice Challenge

Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Investors across the globe have invested nearly $57 BILLION into cryptocurrencies Among the 100 cryptocurrencies that make up this total market capitalization, Bitcoin, the most popular of these alternative currencies, makes up roughly 50% of this entire volume (over $28 billion). Bitcoin’s market cap is so large that if it were a country, it would … Continue reading Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin

In today’s digital age, we live in two worlds: the physical world and the virtual world. The virtual world cannot exist without the physical world (power outages will attest to this). But we cannot exist in today’s physical world without the virtual world (digital technology has embedded itself into every aspect of life from personal to social to commercial, … Continue reading Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin