Don’t Let Burning Both Ends of the Entrepreneurial Candle Burn You Out

With a predicted doom-and-gloom success rate for startups, it’s logical that entrepreneurs treat what they do as serious business. The downside is that it can easily detract from taking themselves seriously: their health, personal life, and emotional well-being.

Ironically, entrepreneurs often do an excellent job in asking for the help they need to get their businesses off the ground in operational mode and even with expansion. They consult or hire accountants, marketing experts, lawyers, and pursue financing. But many who experience burnout don’t realize that it’s not only possible to make time for your entrepreneurial self, as well as your personal self — it’s necessary. Seeking advice for work-life balance can help you bring those two critical halves together for a healthier, happier, and more productive you.

Don’t be seated.

We’ve long known the health dangers linked to countless accumulative hours of sitting, but let’s face it: that’s easier said than done when you are consumed with getting a new business underway. You need to be at your desk to perform most of your entrepreneurial tasks. However, there are easy ways to lift yourself up off the chair and also integrate beneficial movement while still being functional.

1. The standing desk. The hype surrounding the benefits of standing desks is worth noting. Not only will you burn more calories, but standing can also help reduce or eliminate nagging back pain and leave you feeling more energized. You may not think it will ever work for you, but you won’t know until you try it. Check into purchasing a standing desk on a trial basis to see if a particular model works for you. Even using it for a few hours a day is better than continuous sitting.

2. Getting physical. You know it’s better to be physically active than sedentary, but you may think you can’t fit in a regular exercise routine. Look at it as a productivity tool: It helps promote brain health in addition to physical health and longevity. Many gyms are open 24 hours to members so you can go before or after your workday. Outfitting your office with a few pieces of workout equipment will also allow you to get a quick workout in over your lunch break — or just give yourself a 15-minute energizing session. You can even go for a walk or jog outdoors to take advantage of nature’s therapeutic benefits.

3. Be mindful. Mindfulness begins with self-awareness, so start with simple exercises and activities that help you along this journey. Practicing and paying attention to your breathing and thoughts are two critical components. Yoga or meditation are two practices you can begin that don’t take up much time but have long-lasting benefits that can permeate both your business and your personal selves.

4.  Pet productivity. Owning a pet can also provide a beneficial personal tonic and keep you on track with your own physical activity. It’s tough to ignore a barking Fido when nature calls — or you do so at your peril!

Create openings where there are none.

Many entrepreneurs start each day with good intentions and then find themselves bogged down with necessary tasks or under pressure from deadlines. This is bound to happen a few times a week, but if you find this pattern repeats itself on a daily circuitous loop, it may be time to take a serious look at the tasks that are weighing you down. Are you struggling to keep and maintain a schedule? Do you have an email inbox that is controlling you (as opposed to the other way around)? Do you find yourself paying business — or personal — bills at 2 a.m. because you simply can’t find time during the day to do so?

Aside from crucial profit-making activities, there are daily tasks that a business demands that you are likely doing yourself, like ordering office supplies, paying bills, or getting appointments scheduled. If these are preventing you from getting necessary business functions done (or if they’re encroaching into your personal life), it may be time to hire outside help. This doesn’t need to be an onerous, time-consuming undertaking. Look to freelance job platforms for virtual assistant services. You can easily find qualified freelancers and evaluate online reviews and costs before hiring.

Breathe life into you and your business.

Creating a healthier work-life balance will benefit both you and your new business. Incorporate a few healthy habits at a time until they seamlessly become part of your routine. Make sure to check Cloud-Tech-Life frequently for additional work-balance tips to prevent entrepreneurial burnout.

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

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