The 4th ‘V’ of Big Data

A Big Hello to all the Bloggers out there !! This is my first post on Cloud-Tech-Life, so would like to get a steady head start. I assume that everybody who’s got their heads in Data Science directly or indirectly know about the recent entry of a new ‘V’ factor in the group of all ‘V’s’ in Big Data definition cycle.

My friend @ajinkya777 had recently written a post on  Introduction to Big Data and installation steps of Big Data Hadoop.

Well, I’d like to elaborate more on the new ‘V’ of Big data for all those who missed out on the latest update. Let us have a quick scroll-up on the former three V’s of Big data.

The previous Three V’s of Big Data are :

  • Velocity
  • Volume
  • Variety
The 3 V’s of Big Data
  1. Volume: Volume can be defined as the total amount of quantity that any container can occupy. ‘Volume’ for big data can be explained as the amount of data it can store. Being in leaders of the framework, Big data is meant for handling volumes in terms of Terabytes, Petabytes, Transactions, tables, and files.
  2. Velocity: Velocity is simply the speed an individual can possess. The streaming methods used by Big Data are Batch-time processing, real-time processing, and distributed processing.
  3. Variety: Big Data is flexible to all type of data formats such as structured, unstructured, semi-structured, and other tabular structures.

Now as we are done with a revision of former factors of Big Data, let’s proceed to the new inclusion. Yes, you are right, the new V is ‘VERACITY‘.

  •  Veracity: Veracity is more like the environment or accuracy of the environment. In easy words, Veracity refers to the noise and abnormality in data. Every data scientist has one question in their mind: Is the stored data mined and analyzed carefully ?. The definition of Veracity can help one to remove all the ‘Noisy’ and ‘Dirty’ data from the accumulated data and analyze it for more efficient results.
The 4 V’s of Big Data

Apart from these 4 V’s, there are two more which are in process of Big Data strategy plans. **Spoiler Alert** THE TWO NEW V’S ARE VALIDITY AND VOLATILITY**Spoiler Alert**

My Teammates and I will keep you all updated about the latest innovations and strategies of Big Data and the upcoming technologies. Likes, shares, and comments in form of suggestions and advice are always appreciated. We look forward to solving your doubts and convey more useful information. So that’s all for now for me, Signing off!



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