When Big Data Meets Cloud Computing

‘Big Data’, a broad term that deals with handling and managing a massive amount of data which is not possible to handle our traditional systems or relational databases like MySQL. The data handling framework also consists of data analysis, huge storage facility, map-reduce feature and visualization of data.  Cloud Computing is a technical paradigm which lets users access the services and resources stored in some space on the internet. Cloud is basically “ Pay as you use” facility available only to the users registered to the resources and services on the internet.

             According to the survey and statistics from the past year, it has been found out that the organizations nowadays are building their own data architecture and storage policies and are working with structured data because unstructured data does not fit the framework of relational databases. Healthcare centers,  Business Organizations,  and other private sectors generate a tremendous amount of data every day. On an average, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is generated every day which consists of around 200 million tweets and an equal amount of Facebook data. Big Data and Cloud Computing together provide a cost-effective, scalable and a long-term support infrastructure to support big data analytics and business analysis.

To know more about this ideal combination of technologies Watch this Video.

Aren’t they made for each other ??



3 thoughts on “When Big Data Meets Cloud Computing

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